The Japan Association of Occupational Health Law 

about jaohl

Promoting industrial health in various occupations by exploring leading-edge jurisprudence and legal practice, and providing practical and accessible legal education

What is currently worrying those on the ground in industrial health is issues closely related to the ways of working and living, such as mental health problems and lifestyle-related illnesses.
Resolving these issues is difficult for any individual area of specialization alone, and an interdisciplinary response with a view of the field, individuals, and organizations is required. In the occupational health field, the law holds an important meaning because (1) the law takes the lead in this area (the law provides standards for occupational health work), and (2) legal disputes tend to naturally occur in this field.
However, just a mere use of law will not resolve the problems on the ground. It is necessary to improve the specialization of law and enhance skills and ideas to use law positively. This is what we call “living law”, which focuses on the intention of law-maker and the dilemma of the law-enforcement rather than uniform enforcement. That is a dialogue among law-maker, law-enforcement and the “law-enforcementee”. Moreover, taking steps toward the creation of law and increasing the number of people who spend their working life as per their beliefs is the ultimate goal of the efforts of this association.
With the launch of the association, we are also implementing a certified qualification system (qualification title: occupational health law manager/mental health law manager). The qualification is granted to members who have comprehensive practical knowledge in related fields, focusing on legal affairs, and hold problem-solving skills in the respective field. We hope that many people involved in occupational health will learn about this and challenge themselves to obtain the qualification.